Green Cards

Green Cards

Haven is currently working with the UK Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) on the potential provision of Green Cards to policyholders should a ‘no deal’ Brexit take place.   

At present all motorists from the UK can drive their vehicles in Europe under EU Legislation.  If a ‘no deal’ Brexit occurs, this EU Legislation may no longer apply.  In that scenario anyone who drives their UK registered motor vehicle in Europe will need to be able to demonstrate to law enforcement agencies that they have valid motor insurance. This can be done through an internationally recognised insurance document called a ‘Green Card’. 

It is our hope that a Brexit deal will be reached which will avoid the need for Green Cards to be provided.  However in case a ‘no deal’ Brexit were to occur, we are making the necessary preparations for the delivery of Green Cards to our policyholders.  

Brexit is currently scheduled for 31st October 2019. Should that date be delayed, then the requirement for Green Cards will also be pushed back.

If necessary, we will provide further information on how to obtain a Green Card in due course.