Flood RE

The Flood Re scheme, which launched on the 4th April 2016, has been developed by the insurance industry and the Government to make flood cover more affordable for households at the highest risk of flooding.  As a result of Flood Re, there should be far more home insurance options available to households like yours, and prices should be more competitive.   Flood Re makes no difference to the way you buy your home insurance; you will buy it in the same way you’ve done before. Any claims you need to make will continue to be handled by our appointed representatives – The Ryan Direct Group.
Flood Re have produced the following video to explain how the Flood Re scheme works:


For further information about how Flood Re works and what the benefits are please visit www.floodre.co.uk where you will also be able to find information about flood prevention and protection.


To obtain a household insurance quote, please call:

01704 270 002 or click here.

To download the Flood Re leaflet Click Here